Sunday, August 12, 2012

Favorite Summer Must-Haves for Little Ones

 I realize we are well into August and Summer is technically nearly over, but I do live in Texas and summer temps definitely last well into the Autumn months. During this summer with my extremely active 2 year-old endurance champ, I have discovered a few products that have made this summer so much easier. Here are my top 3:

1) Keen Newport H2 Sandals-These have to be the most durable, comfortable, adventure-friendly sandals ever. Lily loves them because they are comfy and provide her with the best grip for climbing anything and everything in sight. I love them because they are somewhat odor-proof, easy on and off, waterproof, gunkproof and easily washable. They also match almost every play outfit we have. As far as being odor-proof, that is not completely accurate, but when washed they come out looking and smelling new. Lily wore these to the beach and into the water and they came out still looking brand new. These shoes were recommended to me by the good folks at Sandy's Shoes in Austin and last time I was in I heartily thanked them for the recommendation. 

2) CamelBak Kids 12 oz. Water Bottle- Every mom know how difficult and trying it can be to find that perfect water bottle/sippy cup. They all claim to be leak-proof, but most aren't. When you finally find that perfect leak-proof bottle, it is usually hard to clean and reassembling after washing requires the patience of Job and the brain of a rocket scientist. The CamelBak Kids cup really is leak-proof, is easy to reassemble, holds a lot of water (great for hot summers) and is virtually indestructible. Well over a year ago, Lily began taking my CamelBak water bottle from me and drinking all my water. She basically claimed it, and I wanted it back. On my next trip to Sprouts I came across a kiddie version of my cup. It has since withstood over 300 washes and has been throw in dirt, stepped on, thrown across rooms and has dropped long distances onto concrete and other hard surfaces. It lives on!!! 

 3) Bubbles, the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower, to be exact- An oldie, but a goodie, the bubbles that you blow through a wand are great anytime, but there is something really special about chasing bubbles on a summer evening. You can spend a dollar on a bubble with a wand or spend more on special wands and machines and bubble guns, but it is always fun. We really love the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower! It takes about 10'stepsmto really get it going and you do have to clean/maintain for optimum performance, but it is a really fun way to blow bubbles!

 Are there some great summer products you can't live without?


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