Friday, August 16, 2013

Testing, testing, 1-2-tee-tee

I went in to this weekend with no firm plans, but the intent to go and do whatever in the world I pleased. I now have plans, and I am planning to be at home. 

Today I went to en endocrinologist for a follow up from my pituitary adenoma diagnosis earlier in the week. I saw an endocrinologist I had previously seen for PCOS follow up and he is a really great doctor. My reproductive endocrinologist had checked labs on the pituitary hormones that fall under his scope of care and that included FSH, LH and prolactin. My medical endocrinologist needs to check my Adrenocorticotropic hormone, which we will call ACTH from this point on because typing it out hurts my fingers.

I know I have probably complained in the past about fasting labs. I abhor fasting labs. I can deal with not having food in the morning; it's the coffee deprivation that makes me cranky. Anyway, the positive thing about the blood draw for ACTH is that it does not have to be done while fasting. The negative? It is preceded by a 2 day urine collection. The neutral? I will also be doing a saliva sample as part of the testing.

Lily is pretty excited about the urine collection. As soon as she walked in the door, she began going through my urine collecting swag bags. The shovel is her left hand is not in any way connected to this urine collection.

Despite Lily's excitement about the supplies, there are a couple of drawbacks for me.

1) The urine must stay cold. I repeat, the urine must stay cold. I will be storing the urine in my refrigerator. Now, I am not perfect housekeeper. There is actually a cake in a Pyrex dish in my refrigerator right now that has been growing the next miracle drug/mold for longer than I would like to admit. That being said, there is something about storing urine in my refrigerator that really grosses me out. I am that person who flushes the commode with my foot and touches no fixtures in a public restroom. My grandmother taught me to cover toilet seats with paper when I was 3. I am going to have urine in my fridge, right next to the coconut milk. Yuck.

2) I can't really go anywhere. I will be doing two separate urine collections, each for 24 hours. I am planning to pack a cooler for church so I can bring my urine with me. That sounds so sick and wrong. I do want to note that my cooler will be in the car, not sitting next to my purse and Bible. Anyway, being confined to my house for a weekend is huge for me. In case anyone has not met me, I am an extrovert. The last time I did a personality test, I was considered an extreme extrovert. I will do my best to stay home, but if you see me walking through the outlet mall carrying a little igloo cooler, don't judge.

Did I mention that I don't have to fast for the blood draw? 

I am looking forward to knowing more about my pituitary function and am thankful for amazing doctors! If nothing too crazy shows up in these tests, it looks like we will be able to start injectable FSH and LH next month in hopes of giving Lily a sibling who can share in her excitement of urine collection jugs.

I will leave myself with one last thought:

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."
Philippians 4:6 

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